Project Description

Inspection system for shape verification and impurity control on containers such as cups and trays
Antares Container Inspector is developed for applications upstream of food & beverage packaging lines, where the highest quality standards are required on each container. It is often employed in the manufacturing of primary packaging materials to ensure the constant quality of production.

ACI verifies the printing accuracy of the outer surface, as well as the perfect shape and dimensions of the container (rim, body, base), and the cleanliness of the inner surface. It is often combined with UV printing systems for production lot traceability.

Visual inspection is performed both on the inner and outer surface of the empty container, regardless of its color and material.

The system is designed for applications on high productivity lines and performs up to 40 thousand inspections per hour, identifying defects and impurities down to 0.5 mm2with output signal of good/reject and/or statistic trend.

ACI does not require any setup by the operator, being based on self-learning algorithms; operation is managed through pre-set recipes, allowing quick and efficient format change.



  • Smart camera or PC-based system
  • Single or multi-camera inspection
  • Full integration in the machine


  • Detection of structural imperfections
  • Detection of foreign particles
  • Dimensional controls
  • Accuracy: less than 0.5 mm2
  • UV code reading