Project Description

Inspection system for labels, flat or applied on containers, with inline check of integrity, print and position

ALC is designed to operate in single camera or multi-camera mode: according to the container transport system, it allows to compose the image from one or more viewpoints without the need to insert extra components in the inner part of the carousel.

The system can detect the presence and readability of specific critical areas of the label such as barcode, Datamatrix or QR code and can perform OCR controls, identifying defects smaller than 0.5 mm2 at a speed of 30 thousand labels per hour, with output signal of good/reject and/or statistic trend.

ALC performs inspection of flat labels, labels applied on front or back of containers and labels applied all around the surface, generating a single image on which the system can analyze and detect any cosmetic fault of the label or of the application.

Antares Label Checker does not require any setup by the operator, being based on self-learning algorithms; operation is managed through pre-set recipes, to guarantee reproducible and reliable inspection performance.



  • High resolution camera
  • Fixed position of camera
  • Lighting system external to the rotary table
  • Full integration in the machine HMI
  • Integration in the machine PC controller


  • Dimensional reading of label
  • Reading of 1D and 2D codes
  • OCR controls
  • Accuracy: less than 0.5 mm2
  • Speed: up to 30,000 bottles/hour for single camera