Project Description

Inspection system for inline detection of defects on any printed media compared to a master file (PDF document or reference image)
Inline Print Inspection is designed to be deployed downstream of any printing system, or upstream of finishing lines when printed media is in flat format.

IPI is fully configurable: inspection can be excluded on specific areas and the reading of variable data such as a barcode or Datamatrix can be activated as an option.

Operating at 200 DPI default resolution, IPI can identify printing defects or color deviations undetectable by the human eye at speeds up to 450 meters per minute, compensating distortions on printed support due to the feeding system.

The online control system allows the transmission of immediate feedback to the printing units, in order to set parameters to correct print quality and minimize scraps and product nonconformity.



  • Typical support dimension: 400 mm (up to 1600 mm)
  • Speed up to 450 m/min
  • Color analysis 10 ∆ E
  • Minimum detectable defect: 0.2 mm


  • Printing defects identification
  • Detection of foreign elements and nonconformity in the printing support material
  • Full integration in printing machinery