Project Description

PSC is the Antares Vision inspection system for “offline” verification of defects on any printed media compared to a master file (PDF document or reference image).

Printing Sample Check was developed as a precious support tool for quality managers in the printing and packaging industry, enabling the identification of print or color mismatches undetectable by the human eye, also on large format supports.

PSC acquires the image to verify through a high-definition offline scanner and performs a file-to-file comparison with a master PDF document or any graphic format image. Operators can set the accuracy and tolerance of the inspection across different areas of the printed support, allowing maximum precision on specific sectors while completely excluding others.

The system processes images up to 1600 dpi, comparing them to master files of different formats, then saves both files and the associated inspection report, keeping the documentation available for subsequent analysis or for the issue of quality certificates.

PSC interacts with any ERP system in order to import source files and export reports automatically, thus minimizing operator errors and simplifying data saving procedures.



  • Printing technologies supported: offset, digital, flexographic, rotogravure, screen printing
  • Shape and color inspection: missing or mismatched fonts, print defects, color deviation, cutting die control
  • Barcode and datamatrix inspection and decoding
  • Advanced reporting and sharing within corporate quality assurance system